New Years Resolutions

One of my New Years resolutions was to start my blog.

For those who don’t know anything about me, I am a 26 year old aspiring PUA living in the the Washington, DC area. I am fascinated by social dynamics and all of it’s many intricacies. I officially started gaming around mid-August of 2008 when I joined a local lair. Since then, my journey has had many ups and downs. I believe that I have potential to be great as I have already had many great successes. I believe the greatest barrier to reaching my goals is my habitual procrastination. I also have many limiting beliefs. I recently joined a famous Gurus instructor certification program. I am in week 7 of a year long education. I anticipate that this program will help speed up my progress. I would like to eventually like to make a career out of this “art-form”. For this to happen, I must strictly adhere to my goals.

My New Years resolutions are as follows

Goals For 2009:

Pick-Up related:
– Maintain my current FB’s and add in 2 more so I have a minimum of 4 in rotation @ a time.
– 1 LTR with someone who is comfortable with my chosen lifestyle
– 4 Nights a week in field bare minimum (Trying to do 5)
-1 Night a week solo
– 1 Night a week w/ my pivot

– Minimum 12 lays

– 90% in set

– Complete all homework assignments and tasks
– Graduate!

Non Pick-Up related goals

– 100k from RE
– Attend 1 Meetup event per month
– Retire from my 9-5
– Limit Porn watching to once a week
– Limit my television watching to 1 day per week
– Limit my random internet surfing
– exercise a minimum of 6 days a week
– Finish a complete P90x cycle
– Follow a healthy eating plan
– Rid my social circle of negative people
– Find a mentor
– Read a minimum of 2 books per month

-30 minutes of piano practice per day

There we have it. I have now verbalized my goals to the world. I expect to be held fully responsible. If I fail, you have the right to split my head open from my nuts to the back of my ass.


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