FR: Gua Rapo 10-23—-10-24-09

Wings: Stretch, unknown PUA

Goals for the night:
– Open immediately
– Qualify Targets
– Remain Talkative
– Use False Time Constraint

Sets opened: Between 6-9
Notable Sets:

– HB 8 Religious- Super cool chick who just happened to be a God freak. Tall, Blonde, Blue eyes, nice body but not necessarily my type. She was into me and didn’t resist any of my kino although I didn’t escalate physically. She was definetely a jesus freak but was very sexual in nature. She was also drinking and it made me question how how far I could really take it. She did not comply to a simple cheek kiss and I failed to punish her for it. I also violated my own rule of buying a girl a drink but she gamed me pretty well. She offered to buy me one first but some how I ended up buying the drink. She was super cool though so no regrets. Time bridged and number closed right before we were about to switch venues. We ended up staying longer….I should have re-opened because she seemed dissapointed I was leaving earlier.
Good: Number closed, Qualified target, disqualified, Decent amount of Kino, Timebridged. Bad: Failed to escalate, did not create bigger compliance hoops, failed to recognize which stage I was in the interaction although I should have known better. Should have transitioned into better comfort because i definetely had attraction.

– HB8-German- Seemed cool. Was very compliant but I failed to escalate. I’m not really sure was I was trying to do in the set. I just remember her laughing a lot. I believe I should have went lighter on the humor and had more sexual intent. Did time bridge and number close but don’t remember her name and not sure if I programmed her or not into my phone—-work down the drain.
Good- Decent amount of attraction, time bridged, Qualified, number closed. Bad: Not enough Kino, target kind of skeptical of my intentions- most likely due to too much attraction and no comfort game run.

Goal accomplishment: 3/4—Failed to false time constraint on any of my sets

All in all I’m pretty pleased with my accomplishments. AA is once again virtually non-existent but I was drinking so I am not too pleased with that. Looking forward to eliminating the alcohol.

Things to work on:
-My attraction was decent this week. Need to work on making it more solid.
-Now ready to begin working on comfort again and re-implement my interleaved grounding sequence.
– Need better compliance hoops.
– Remember to false time constraint
– Prepare in advance and have more clear definable goals for the night


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