FR: 18th St. Lounge 10-22-09

Aight I’m trying to get into the habit of posting FR’s once again regardless of how brief and pointless they may be

Wings: Stretchpup, Tigro, Subzero, LiveForever, Stonewall

Goals for the night:
– Open immediately
– Qualify Targets
– Remain Talkative
– Use False Time Constraint

Sets opened: Between 10-15
Notable Sets:
-2 German Girl number closes HB 5 and HB 7. Proud of this set because I Qualified HB 7 and seeded an upcoming event I would like them to attend. They seemed interested but perhaps mildly interested.
Good: Didn’t really utilize a wing. Occupied both by myself pretty much. Kept them engaged in playful, flirty, absure conversation. Used false time constraint.
Bad: Failed to convey real interest. In return, only got mild interest.

– Seated 2-set. took a dominant position and began plowing.
Good: Good Dominance, playfulness, teasing. Bad: Remained on the same thread for too long. Also allowed the cock-blocking friend to steal my target.

– Outside: Two Middle Eastern Hb’s. Proud of this set because I used a relevant situational opener and turned it into a very playful, banter filled interaction.
Good: Good free association. Good dominance. Cavemanned the girl by lifting her and running away with her. Went after a girl that I was actually REALLY attracted to. Bad: Might have done too much too early.I should have entered into comfort.

– Outside Fat chick. Proud of this set because I held a super strong self-amusing frame throughout the interaction.
Good: Self amusing. Bad: No transition.

Goal accomplishment: 4/4

Overall good night. Thanks for being good wings guys!


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