Pick-Up is like Baseball

Pick-up is a numbers game. No matter how good you get at pick-up, your still going to fail a majority of the time. Think of it in terms of baseball. In baseball, your average hall of fame player bats just above .300. Think about that. That means that 70% of the time, he fails! Does he let that discourage him? Hell NO! Some of the greatest players of all time are also in the record books for also having the most strikeouts of all time.Take a look at the list:

1. Reggie Jackson – 2597
2. Sammy Sosa – 2306
3. Jim Thome – 2043
4. Andres Galarraga – 2003
5. Jose Canseco – 1942
6. Willie Stargell – 1936
7. Mike Schmidt – 1883
8. Fred McGriff – 1882
9. Tony Perez – 1867
10. Dave Kingman – 1816
11. Bobby Bonds – 1757
12. Craig Biggio – 1753
13. Dale Murphy – 1748
14. Lou Brock – 1730
15. Mickey Mantle – 1710

These are all great fucking players. What separates them from the pack is their commitment to “The Game” despite all their past failures. You will never hit the ball 100% of the time, but the longer you stay committed to working on your game, the greater your hit percentage will improve. Pick-up is very similar.

My own personal experience with handling rejection:

I’ve recently had a problem with approach anxiety returning out of nowhere. I had a difficult time assessing the problem because I had been in the community for several months as a newbie without AA. I believe this reoccurence of AA was the effect of months and months of rejection crushing my self esteem. I am now in a recovery phase and am almost fully functional again. AA barely affects me now and I open without really thinking. One thing that helped me is realizing that fear is only an illusion and cannot really affect you. It is completely made up. Embrace the fear of rejection because it will always be there. Befriend your fear of rejection because eliminating it is not important, but being able to manage it is. So what if it makes you uncomfortable? Embrace your uncomfortableness and release the emotion. Realize that venues have a 95% turnover rate and that 99% of the people in the venue you are sarging will not be there next week or tomorrow when you return. Realize that they often care and observe you way less than you think they do because they are often focused on their own insecurities. I recently read an article written by Ryan from RSD that really struck a chord with me. He was talking about his reoccurence of AA after completing his Euro-tour and returning to the US. He seemed to be going through the same problem that I did. He felt that he would be perceived as weird by everyone around him if he was rejected by the target he chose to approach. His epiphany resonated within me:

“I rather be weird than lonely”

Would you rather feel “weird” from approaching and getting shut down by a bunch of random girls who know nothing about you, or would you rather be lonely and stay that way 20-30 years from now?

I imagined 20 years from now how I felt about this and determined that I would feel weird for BEING lonely. I don’t want be the guys who’s only true friend is man’s best friend. I don’t want to be that guy who ends up on “To Catch A Predator” because he can’t get laid and his balls are swollen with lust. I don’t want to be that guy who sits around avoiding anything that inconveniences him while his life ticks away. I am determined to continue to embrace my insecurities and expand proactively to make sure I am in alignment with all of my goals. Repeat after me because there’s only 1 rule…. I WILL NOT LOSE!


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  1. Good points.

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