Text Report: Trying New Things

Ok I got a couple new TR’s to post. I used the same Text re-opener on all of these girl except the first one and the last. I also used something new that a co-worker suggested. He mentioned something and I thought would be perfect as a sexual innuendo element. He said “what do u have that I can eat that has noooooo calories.” I like this because it’s vague and if she rejects it, I can deny it as u will see in the forthcoming texts(R). The only thing is I forgot to use the nooooo calories part on 2 of the texts which kinda ruins it as it turns it a little more explicit. I used it in most of my texts as well.

“R” HB 7.5

Me: You able to come out this weekend naughty girl?
(I’m always trying to frame her sexually because she’s kind of reserved…she sometimes comes with elements of her own. Check the previous post she is ” R” that I met @ Chi-Cha lounge)
“R”:Whoa…thought u were done w/me;0). I think I shld be able to What’s up?
(Haven’t texted her in like 2 weeks)
Me: Oh not done with u yet…you’d need gatorade… Thinking maybe we’ll meet up Fri. Or Sat. night..I’ll be out both nights
(I got the Gatorade thing from Captain Jack but he uses it on his strawberry fields routine…she totally does’t catch it thought)
“R”: What will I need gatorade for?;0) I might be able to get out on Friday
Me: Aight I’ll hit u up. We’ll do Gazuza or something
“R”: What’s Gazuza? Never heard…
Me: It’s like Chi Cha lounge…bar/hooka
“R”:Oh ok…sounds cool
“R”l: btw, r u on facebook
Me: yeah Search _________
“R”l: Just sent ya a friend request. Saw ur page…U have good taste in music!
Me:Thanks…hmm taste. I’m so hungry right now. What do have that I can eat?
( Forgot to use the “nooooo calories part” which makes it sound more explicit than I intended and she calls my ass out on it but I deny it ;0))
“R”: Oh man…not touchin that w/ a 10 ft. pole!;0)
Me: So I take it you don’t cook then? U know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach right?
( I denied it and kinda of twisted it into a qualifier and she bites)
“R”:Ohhh u were being 4 real? I though you were being fresh…absolutely…his stomach and some good….
(Weird…it sounds like she is trying to be implicit at the end there…like she was saying and some good….head or sex..This girl confuses me)
Me: Me? Fresh? look @ u thinking those pervy thoughts about me again…naughty girl..
(Framed her sexually again as the agressor)
“R”: Nope..no pervy thoughts over here ;0)
(She rejects but with a smiley face so I don’t know if she’s trying to be flirty or not…she’s often smiley face-happy)
“R”: And yes, I can cook…
(She qualifies herself to me. Don’t know if I should have went dead air after this but I did. We’ll see what happens)

E from Vegas SC

Me: Gorgeous, charming, funny, lovable…well enough about me what are u up to?
E: Just got outa yoga…about to eat a burrito
Me: Hmmm ur making me hungry…hey what can u make me to eat to eat that has noooo calories?
E: Do you have an eating disorder
(Misinterpretes or IOD’s me…can’t call it..either way my response is kinda lame)
Me:Yeah I eat everything I see….so be careful…sometimes I can’t control my urges
(Lame and too explicit? I thought she would bite anyways because we’ve had flirty convos before. This is the chick from Vegas that I almost pulled before I was fucked on logistics)
Her: Soup.
(I think she new what wassup but she rejected my frame and got all smarty-pants on me.)
(Dead Air)

M HB Fillipina

Me: Gorgeous, charming, funny, lovable…well enough about me what are u up to?
M:U r soooo funny. Shit im going to school. Wats up? how r u?
Me: @ work doing NO actual work…gotta feed all my baby mamas ya heard me!
(That was the best I could come up with in that moment)
M: U r so weird…pimp. lol
Me:Yes, a hungry pimp. What do u have that I can eat?
( FOrgot the noooo calorie…thus way to explicit)
(Dead Air)

Brandi Hb 7

Me: Gorgeous, charming, funny, lovable…well enough about me what are u up to?
Brandi:I am working in HAwaii
Brandi:ps-its 07:45 here
Me:Oh u poor thing…I’m sorry to hear that….u must be so miserable @ such and exotic
destination spot…how long u there for?
Brandi:haha…yes its just terrible…here 4 more weeks
Me: Cool lets link up when u get back I’m beginning to forget what u look like
( I forgot who I got this from…Captain Jack? THe basic principle is that people are more willing to work towards not losing something than work towards gaining somethingSo I am basically trying to create a fear of loss)
Brandi:Well it will be 10 wks before I get home…I go to seatle after here
Me: K babe see u then
( Got lazy on this one…I think it was more the flow of a comfort only convo…I should have flirted more)
(Dead Air)

“M” HB 6
Me: U work Friday?
“M”:I work every weekday. Why do u ask? U don’t actually want to meet up do u? I’m so used to your random texts. That would b a shocking next step for u
( Probably an indication that my texts were uncalibrated)
Me: I actually do! I wanna test out my honey I shrunk the kids machine on u..
“M”: Ha, nice- I’ve always wanted to be pocket sized. Where are we meeting?
(This would have been a good opportunity to complete the line…” Yeah…then I could wrap u up in bubble wrap and slide u in there but I missed it oh well)
Me: Hmmm maybe like Front page-Dupont Thurs. or Fri night for some drinks?
“M”: Thurs sounds good- front page works. What time?
Me: I’ve never been there before 10 but I think this week i might…like 7:30?
“M”:Haha- me either. Can we make it 8? Do u even remember what I look like? Lol.
Me: I was beginning to forget…8 sounds good
(Implementing the fear of loss principle again)
“M”: I’ll remind you on thurs;) see ya
( I think this is a decent IOI)

Stephanie HB 7

Me: Gorgeous, charming, funny, lovable…well enough about me what are u up to?
Stephanie: Haha nothin at all. Recovering. And yourself?
Me: Yeah I saw u at the meeting
Stephanie: You saw me? Huh?
Me: Yeah u were @ SAA recovering from ur boy addiction right?
( Sexual innuendo element)
Stephanie: Haha. Boy addiction? Nah. Too many drinks last night! No addictions.
Me: Denial is not just a river in Egypt….
(Edge element I believe)
Stephanie: You’re on a roll today, now arentcha?!
Me: Hmmmm a roll…ur making me hungry…Feed ME! What can I eat that has Nooooo calories?
(I misinterpreted her comment and turned it into a sexual innuendo..I believe I finally did it right)
Stephanie: I could think of a few things.
(It seems like she takes the bait so I decided to push it a little bit and maybe bring it to the surface where it’s a little bit more explicit)
Me: Hmmm I wonder…is it juicy and fufilling….?
Stephanie: Very good possibility that it is.
(It seems like we’re still on the same page so I try to play with it a little more)
Me: Will it melt in my mouth?
(Dead Air)
(Hmmm no response…maybe I took the convo way to explicit….maybe I should have release the tension? Maybe I could have said…” It’s a grape! ” and the transitioned into something else. Idunno.

Ok so I pretty much screwed all these text convos up but I don’t think it’s anything I can’t recover from. Practice makes perfect!!!

I would appreciate if I could your opinions and suggestions on the these texts. Please let me know if I missed anything. Thanks Guys!


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  1. sleazer Says:

    You could just call. Gets to the point much quicker.

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