Neglecting My Blog And Mehow’s 10 Second Attraction Super Conference

Anybody who knows me…probably knows that I am super duper lazy when it comes to most shit. Although this is true, I constantly strive to overcome my natural inclination to “fall back” on important tasks. I consider this blog important so I am going to make a continued effort to update it to keep track of my progress in my PUA career. That be saying I would like to catch up with a few of my delayed writings.

First off, The Vegas 10 Second Attraction Superconferance! 3/5-3/8

Fucking awesome!!!! I attended this event expecting to get value….and…. I GOT VALUE BABY! Way more than expected. For those who don’t know, the 10 Second Attraction product is and e-book and DVD product that was put out by Mehow. It was a book inspired mainly by Kamoflauge, one of Mehow’s instructors. It’s based on using what is called “High Velocity” material. These are basically sound bites or phrases under “10 seconds” that make women feel sexual attraction for you. The idea you have different elements that you use throughout your entire interaction that fall into different element categories such as edgy, sexual, or comfort building. By using these elements, you are the leader of the interaction and you create an addiction mechanism that the girls can’t get enough of. Think about someone you know or have known in your life who always has something super witty, humorous, or outrageous to say and you basically can understand why this works. Your basically sub communicating a level of social intelligence that few people have and women find irresistible. Without delving into to the descirption of the product any further, I have to say that by using it, I have seen vast improvements in parts of my game. I been using a lot of it in my text and phone game and I have been getting “good girls” to get really naughty and dirty with their text replies…not to mention being sent a few very dirty pictures.

The actual conference consisted of 2 days(Sat, Sun) and had featured famed PUA speakers such as: Mehow, Hypnotica, Sinn, El Topo, Lovedrop and Mehow’s own instructors DJ Fuji and Kamoflauge. I arrived a few days earlier to give me 2 days to prepare for the infield I would be taking on Friday and Saturday night with Dj Fuji and Mehow. I had been pretty rusty an uncommitted latley, and I didn’t want to get chewed out by Fuji for not knowing my stack or experiencing AA while in field. On the plane my buddy JSC(who was attending the conference with me) met a familiar friend from back home. This guy “J”, was a big time gambler on his way to Vegas in the pursuit of dollars.  J was a big-time gambler and extended to us many of the amenities that the casino’s extended to him for being a “player”. As soon as we got to the airport, we took a limo ride with J to his ridiculously awesome suite at the Venitian. He gave us or own key cards, paid for at least 3 of our meals and allowed us to pick his brain while we accompanied him at the black jack tables many times. Did I mention,   JSC won $1200 by applying J’s black jack method! What else can I say, fucking awesome guy! Anywho, the first night JSC, J, and I went to some small club in the Venitian and I opened approximately 4 sets. Not much but it was about half the sets there, as it wasn’t a very busy night. It was a good start.

The next night, I met up with one of Mehow’s almost ready to graduate to instructor student’s “W”. Me and W have been interacting for a while on the phone and through text. I have to say, he is one insane Canadian. I was really looking forward to winging/meeting him. If you have frequented Mehow’s blog, it is the same guy that Mehow posted the videos of tracking his progress from 3-6 months. He is now at about the 9-10 month’s into the program so that footage doesn’t really do justus, although, you can definitely see the improvement. JSC, “W”, and I settled into our room at the MGM grand….man they’re was so much grade A pussy all through the casino you should have been there!!! So me and JSC hit up Studio 54 that night with J. In line, I ran into some fellow Mehow instructors in training from New York: Matt and Paul and from New Jersey, Trevor. I had met Matt and Paul at the GTG live seminar in DC about 5 months ago so it was cool seeing them again. Inside I opened a couple sets and then choded around a little bit because most of the sets were on the dance floor. I decided to invite Matt and Paul to play the open set game while inside the venue. I have used this many times as a deadly AA killer….it really fucking works. Basically we direct each other to open a set we point to. Naturally I decided to go first…and of course…Matt decides to give me the hardest set in the venue….the hired gun dancing on a raised platform on the main floor…..FUCK!!! So I go open it and said god knows what and she crouches down to talk to me briefly(she was actually really nice) then I blow my self out and let her do her thing. I then instructed Matt to open the other “dancer” on the other end..he did…and Paul followed suit. Throughout the night, I opened approximately 8 sets including and incrediably hot 3 set of spanish girls! They were probablly the hottest girls I would see the whole weekend in Vegas. While at Studio 54, “W” arrived with DJ Fuji. Apparently he had a 1-0n-1 with him so we did not interrupt. I enjoyed watched him being pushed into tough mixed sets(girlfriend/Boyfriend) and fatty 2 sets….always fun to watch a guy approach sets of chicks that are in no way attractive. It is something I despise doing, but Fuji always reprimands me for. As he says ” Work on the skillset!” We also visited “Tabu” at the MGM. It was super dead. End of night.

Friday night “W” and I went to Pure nightclub at Caesar’s palace to take infield. While waiting in line at the MGM, I opened a 2 set. We hit it off real well and they happened to also be going to Pure. We decided to share a cab together and along the way I framed them as my sugar mama’s …I teased them about how they were going to pay for the cab and all my drinks at the club. When we arrived outside of Pure I met up with Paul, MEhow, and Fuji. This was the first time I had met and talked to Mehow in person. I’m used to interacting with him from a distance so conversing with this PUA legend on a personal basis was AWESOME. We did not have to wait in line since Mehow had the hookup and with bottle service and tables on the rooftop. Unfortunately I had to ditch the girls we were with and they had to wait in that big ass line!! Interestingly enough ” W” ended up finding those girls again in the club and pulled one of them for a fuck session at the hotel room that night!! I felt so Pimp passing through all the people in line to go straight into the club. I now have a taste of what it’s like to be a celebrity…I could get used to this. When inside, Fuji got me miked up so he could listen to what I was saying in set. He instructed me to open sets…the majority of my sets stuck pretty well, which was a relief…I really had no serious blowouts. One hilarious thing I did do wrong is talk about some boring ass shit with this one girl. I had been working on my identity and interleaved grounding sequence for only a couple days at that point and wasn’t really to comfortable with it. I mainly had worked on it prior to the infield so that I would not get reprimanded by Fuji for not having or using one by now..LOL. As a  result, when I went through my interleaved grounding sequence with this HB 7 I was with on the couch…I went way to far. I started talking about Robert Kiyosaki’s cash flow quadrant..this was brought up in the superconference a few days later as Fuji was talking about what NOT to do in set. Fuji has promised that he will continue to mention the “student” who talked about Rich Dad Poor Dad in many conferances and seminars to come. That was too funny.  The night progressed and I did fairly well in terms of sticking sets. Fuji did mention that I wasn’t “flirting” enough implying I wasn’t escalating sexually enough while in set. I took note of this and made an immediate effort to improve. The night was winding down so Fuji sent me into one last set before he rolled out. OF COURSE IT WAS A FATTIE!! He knows that I have a problem opening girls that I am not attracted to. This is a major sticking point for me. I suppose it is because I don’t want the social embarrassment that comes along with being see “Courting” and “cherishing” a fat, monstrous, Hippopotamus…..but that’s just me. He always tells me it’s good practice and that “If you can’t escalate on a fattie….how are you going to escalate on an HB 10?” I suppose he’s right. All in All she did have an attractive face. I opened her..amped up the kino…built the sexual tension by inching closer and closer to her… Fuji told me to pull so I did. Let me tell you…This Fattie put me through all types of bullshit…I think this was mainly because she wanted to make sure I was into her…and kind  of toted me around as her prize. I was ready to pull straight to the MGM but Nooooooooo….she wanted to take a walk on the strip, visit a couple casinos( Honey if you seen one…you’ve seen them all)..finally we take a cab back to my room where heavy make outs occur(YUCK!)..after about an hour of escalation attempts and freezeouts, I was defeated by LMR. Most likely because I didn’t qualify her enough. I mean…what was I gonna say? …” You know what I like about you…you have a voracious APPETITE for life” LOL. So I eventually tell her I’m done and kick her out of my room..” kick rocks and take a cab back to whatever casino can hold you”.  I then went  to bed..I had to be up in like 2 hours for the superconferance…FUCK!!!

10 Second Attraction superconference

Mehow: First day of the conference was awesome. Mehow gave us tons of value, showed of some videos of him in action where he went extremely sexual throughout the entire interaction and gave us fresh, original material. He talked much about the value velocity involved in the 10 SA system and touched on all the different elements.

Sinn: While Mehow was talking Sinn arrived and sat down Right next to me in the back…he seemed really hyper….actually pretty funny. When he got up to talk he was super intense. He is a powerful speaker. He loaded his speech with immense amounts of value…I couldn’t take notes fast enough. He talked much on same day lays, Frames, movement and injecting sexuality in your interactions. He also talked about what he went trough to get good at various aspects of his game. He had insane dedication…it was not unusual for him to day game 50-60 sets a day om Saturdays and Sundays!

Dj Fuji: As usual, he had very solid information. He touched on the Myths in the community, His formula to success, the importance of mid game, causes of weirdness, maintaining normalcy, and also went through some of his routines. I like Fuji because he gives it to you flat an honest. A lot of people tend to mislead you into thinking that their products will be the “magic bullet” to your pick-up success and often try to get you to accept their method of teaching almost in cult like fashion. Fuji does the complete opposite. He tells you straight up about the hard work and persistence needed to get good at the game and actually recommends  you to learn from various gurus to get better. I admire his honesty, discipline, and selflessness.

Kamoflauge: Kamo, who is in my opinion, one of the best PUAs in the world talked about his background, contextual game, humour/attraction techniques, extraction/end game techniques, and overcoming LMR. There is a bright future for this guy if he can only overcome his laziness lol. He reminds me a lot about myself. I talked to him recently and asked him if he had blog. he told he has one that will be up in a few months. I am really looking forward to that. He also told me about how a friend of his writes up his field reports because he’s to lazy to. That’s hilarious…at the same time…I wish someone could do the same for me LOL. Anyways, the best part of his speech was when he talked about contextual game. The metaphor he used to describe it was reciting lyrics vs. freestyling. He then exemplified this by rapping to a Dr.Dre song. He first rapped verbatim to song. He then put on the instrumental version and freestyled to it…so fucking awesome. The power of free association! What’s funny about this is that this is a free association exercise is something I do often. I’m an avid hip-hop fan so I occasionally freestyle to instrumentals. There has been many nights after sarging that I have popped in an instrumental CD and freestyled on the way home. I always believed it improved my ability to free associate effectively in field and it was a great treat to see that I was not the only PUA to engage in this practice.


That night we once again had bottle service and tables at Pure. My infield instructor was now Mehow. He made me do some super tough mixed sets…and I didn’t bother hesitating because….IT WAS FUCKING MEHOW… I did not want to look like a pussy infront of him. So I opened some mixed sets with great success. He gave me props for some of the sets that I approached. As per Mehow’s order, I  winged Daniel(another MCIP student) on his asian 2 set…it went really well…I was glad to have assisted him. We bounced them downstairs to our table and our group was joined by another one of their friends. Me and their friend hit it off really well. I was determined to correct many of the mistakes from the previous night. Mainly I kept in mind to flirt more and escalate sexually…in about 5 minutes, heavy make out ensued. The coolest part about it was their friends were totally into me and her hooking up instead of trying to cock-block. I went through my “REVISED” interleaved grounding sequence, qualified her properly, and had a genuine conversation with her. I continued to escalate and we really enjoyed each other. I went through the evolution phase shift technique on her and it worked like a charm. In no time, we were biting and sucking eachother’s next for the next 40-50 minutes. He friends soon left us alone. After a while, my target was sorta pissed that her girls left her alone on her birthday. She began to worry. I continued to plow. When they finally did return, they yanked her from me to go club hopping. Mehow asked me what happened and I told him…he then rushed me to go find her and bounce with her friends with Daniel. They were gone.;0(.  I would have closed her that night for sure. In my opinion I believe the problem was that their was only Daniel and I and three of them. Maybe if we had another guy to occupy the third wheel? Who knows. I continued to open sets and 10 minutes later I had a solid kiss close with this girl from Kentucky. I escalated super fast…withing a minute we were making out heavily and I was seductively grinding in between her legs while pinning her hands to the wall. It was a powerful feeling. The night went by. Mehow how gave me major props on my performance and told me I needed to focus on logistics. He said everything else was pretty solid. I did pretty much everything right THAT night.  Anywho, I had number closed that Asian girl who was stolen by her friends previously. I would get in contact with her later that night when they were at their hotel room. I bantered with her and her friends on their speaker phone for about 30 minutes but I could not get them to meet up. They were fucking with me hardcore….getting extremely sexual on the phone..talking about how they were about to eat each others pussies and they wanted me to join…lol…terrible. They asked me to send them a picture of my cock and I told them my phone didn’t have enough mega pixels lol!! I am still in contact with her by text but she lives in CALi…who knows what the future holds. All in All, it was a good night.

Conferance Day 2:

Hypnotica: I got to this kinda late. Also, I believe MEhow and team must have gotten up late too because they were pressed for time plus everyone including me forgot about daylight savings…we lost an hour! So we didn’t get to see much about Hypnotica. What I did see, however, I was impressed by. This guy is super alpha. He talked much about state and sexual energy. I could feel the energy emanating from he. He is a sexual beast. His talk was very powerful and deep. One cool thing he talked about was learning to flirt and seduce yourself. I found this really interesting. Now i have made an effort to get in touch with and embrace my sexiness. It sounds gay I know…but I believe it can be very helpful. Another thing I would like to share is when he talked about MEta State. I have applied this right away. He advises being more detailed with your affirmations. For example, instead of affirming ” I am a confident alpha male” you would affirm ” I am a charismatically confident or seductively confident alpha male.” This subtle change can make a world of change to how your unconscious mind creates your reality of self.

El Topo: What can I say…absolutely hilarious, fucking dirty mouthed fool this guy is. I really enjoyed the comment about how he told a girl he was gonna turn this girls pussy inside out and how when he was done with her, she was going to need 2 tampons. Gotta love him. El topo talked about sexualized game, importance of cold reads and various ways to do them, being sexually empowered, creating immediate dominance by use of body language, and starting/stopping/restarting attraction throughout the interaction. I have to say, his shit on cold reads, was soooooo MONEY!! I believe cold reads are some of the best ways to create comfort in an interaction. I have never had a women that wasn’t intrigued by a cold reading. I am looking forward to making them a major part of my game. During the lunch break I actually got to eat lunch with El Topo which was really cool. I asked him a couple questions and he recorded me and his answers on his voice recorder thingy. Awesome!! He is a genuinely cool guy.

Lovedrop: Unfortunately I did not get to see Lovedrop speak because I was being debriefed by Kamo and Fuji in the next room.

My debrief notes are as follows:

Fuji’s debrief of me:

– opening starts when you open the door to the venue
– Dominance is a projection of confidence
– If you don’t open those mixed or whatever sets you don’t acquire that skill set.
– You got to be that guy who is a machine in field to get good
– Fix the dominance and overnight you will have your results doubled
– Never buy into the the frame about trying to get into the girls pants

KAmo- He didn’t see much of me in field but from what he did see…these are the things he thinks I needed to improve on

–  need a fun vibe. Not bringing enough to the table to want the girls to talk to you.
– Stop all platonic conversation. Talk about me and her.
– Way way more playful. Take the set way less serious.
– Disqualify them on ridiculous bullshit
– You want it to be a flirty conversation
– Practice not taking anything seriously
– More aggressive through Kino
– Incorporate a lot of different kino
– Take her hand put it on me.
– If your standing up…arm and arm link. Push girls away(really your pushing yourself back)
– Playing with girls hair
– The way you do like a sister
– High five and clasp bring it down you already have a lot of attraction


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  1. You douche, most of the “kamo debrief” stuff is what *I* said to you. Kamo’s style is way different.

    Good blog, btw.

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