To Love Or Not To Love

So I was listening to the Barry Kirkey(aka ExtraMask from The Game) radio show and he casually mentioned something about relationships which made a lot of fucking sense. He was discussing how he joined Lavalife(an internet dating site) and would keep listeners posted on the effect of this on his love life. He then stated that he wasn’t really sure he even wanted a love life. He said that if he meets some really incredible girl, then maybe he could possibly want a love life.  IF he meets a girl that’s just COOL than he wasn’t really willing to settle.  I hope you guys can understand the significance of this small statement

Think about the beautiful HB’s you have met in field and then consider the following:

– Consider how annoying and ADD some of them can be
– Consider the bad traits/characteristics many of them have
– Think about the fact that the majority of them have been fucked and dumped at some point in their life and how it was probably their fault no matter how beautiful or phat their ass is

Now, considering the previous statements, does it really make sense that we are intimidated when we see an HB?

No, it doesn’t

Now I’m not advocating accepting the mind frame that most women are crazy and fucked up in the head(even though I sometimes believe that)..but I do think it would be helpful as far as outcome dependence. Basically, you shouldn’t be outcome dependent or fearful of rejection because statistically speaking, she is less likely to be a potential suitor anyway.

Just something to think about

On another note, The Barry Kirkey radio show is absolutely fucking hilarious. He has a very odd sense of humor and talks about the community in an almost pessimistic, spiteful manner. Nonetheless, It still made me laugh from the gut when he impersonated the likes of Asian Playboy, Style, David Deangelo and Tyler Durden. I think the best was when he had  random foreign dialogue in the backround and roughly translated it as Asian Playboy telling people to purchase his new product, e-book or whatever…too fucking funny. I get the feeling that he thinks the community is kinda gay and some of the points he makes are difficult to ignore. Listening to the podcast reminded me of a funny youtube video I found making fun of RSD head honcho Tyler Durden. So I searched for  the video and it actually appears to have been made, coincedently, by Barry Kirkey.

Now tell me that shit ain’t funny. What a weird character that Barry guy is. Now before I am categorized as a TD hater, let me state the fact that I am an admirer and endorser of Tyler Durden and all of RSD’s products. I’ve enoyed pretty much all of them(Blueprint, Natural Tim, The Jeffy Show) and  I think they are some of the best products out there.  I highly recommend RSD to anyone wanting to take a natural game approach to pick-up,  although I don’t recommend any newbies take a natural game approach. Why you ask?? Maybe another post….


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